Brassica Kitchen + Cafe
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our story

Brassica Kitchen + Café was founded by the Whisk pop-up team, bringing creative dining to a neighborhood we love! 

By day we are a cafe, serving espresso, coffee, scratch pastries, + sandwiches.

By night, we serve a dinner menu focusing on local ingredients prepared in a French/American style. Chef’s Tastings and a la carte plates are served alongside a thoughtful cocktail, beer, and wine program.

On Sundays, we serve Brunch from 10am to 3pm.



The Team

Philip Kruta  — Chef + Co-Owner

Philip Kruta — Chef + Co-Owner

Jeremy Kean  — Chef + Co-Owner

Jeremy Kean — Chef + Co-Owner

Rebecca Kean  — General Manager + Co-Owner

Rebecca Kean — General Manager + Co-Owner

Matt Hummel  — Chef De Cuisine

Matt Hummel — Chef De Cuisine

Brianna Bowering  — Sous Chef

Brianna Bowering — Sous Chef

Noah Todoroff  — General Manager + Beverage Director

Noah Todoroff — General Manager + Beverage Director

Sarah Trainer  — Café General Manger

Sarah Trainer — Café General Manger

Eli Battles  — Line Cook

Eli Battles — Line Cook

Laura Ganci  — Bartender + Cocktail Creator

Laura Ganci — Bartender + Cocktail Creator

Zak Kessler  — Server

Zak Kessler — Server

Natalie McGregor  — Cafe Supervisor

Natalie McGregor — Cafe Supervisor

Tanya Blindauer  — Barisata

Tanya Blindauer — Barisata

Valeria Zaklinskaya  — Host

Valeria Zaklinskaya — Host

Emmanuel Taylor  — Prep Cook

Emmanuel Taylor — Prep Cook

Philip  — Prep Chef

Philip — Prep Chef

Want to become a part of our team? Send your resume to Rebecca at the button below.

events + catering

We host events such as $1 Oysters every Wednesday night and regular pop-up dinners from local chefs + organizations. 

We can also host events at our restaurant and cater locally! For more information, inquire below.


3% Admin Fee

Like many restaurants struggling to balance wages for Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH or Kitchen) staff, Brassica has adopted a 3% Hospitality Administration Fee to supplement BOH wages and benefits.  

We thank you for the opportunity to allow us to explain our goals, transparently and honestly. We believe in taking care of and sharing in our local community — and the first stop is within our own borders.


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